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“In our HR organization’s transitory state we chose IKIGAI as our partner. We wanted to identify the potential in our organization and provide the opportunity for our HR specialists to develop themselves and clarify their personal career ambitions.

In cooperation with Inka and Elina, we appreciated their expertise and vision of how the project should be carried out. The project was quite large and due to its international environment, both cultural deviations and time differences had to be taken into account. We felt that our needs and wishes were acknowledged and a convenient assessment concept was tailored accordingly.

Overall, our HR specialists gave highly positive feedback on the assessment. The development assessment provided them an opportunity to ponder on their personal motivations. Also, assessment results helped them clarify possible future development paths. The coaching discussions – sessions with a consultant about the assessment results and their utilization – especially, were highly appreciated.

Based on the assessment, Elina and Inka prepared a summary for us, in which the observations collected on a team-level were reflected to our HR competency model. We will keep on using this summary in our continuous development work.

We are pleased that we chose IKIGAI as our partner in this important project. I can warmly recommend cooperation with Inka and Elina in similar situations.”


“We have used Ikigai’s services to support our hiring decisions in several of our key recruitments. The in-depth information that the personnel assessments provide about person´s strengths and motivations has been really valuable for us. Therefore, we have used the personnel assessment results as one of the selection criteria. Also, the results of personnel assessment have corresponded well to what the person has turned out to be at work and in the work community – Inka and Elina are professionals and competent in their work. Collaboration with Ikigai has been flexible, straightforward and efficient.”

Green Building Council Finland Mikko Nousiainen
Kupli Suvi Asikainen


“For the first time, we used personnel assessment as a part of the recruitment and the hole process went very well. We received a lot of valuable information to support our hiring decisions and IKIGAI´s competence and expertise convinced us. I can warmly recommend IKIGAI.”


“IKIGAI Assessment´s recruitment training was the perfect choice for our recruitment team. Content was well structured and the topics were presented clearly and professionally. A lots of concrete advices left in mind, which can be utilized in everyday work.

I feel that I learned a lot new especially from the objective candidate evaluation. Therefore, I warmly recommend similar training for all recruitment professionals or for those interested in the subject!”



“I have previously participated in personnel assessment at another personnel assessment company. IKIGAI Assessments´ personnel assessment process differed positively from its competitor: personnel assessment proceeded smoothly and efficiently. Each part of the personnel assessment was implemented with high quality. I recognized myself well from the assessment report and going through the results with the psychologist consultant in the sparring discussion helped me to understand myself more. Overall, IKIGAI´s personnel assessment was a positive experience, even though I was not selected for the job position I applied for.”

“In many recruitment processes, the candidate may feel that he or she is being scrutinized, and the situation may feel oppressive. I didn’t have that feeling in the IKIGAI´s personnel assessment. On the contrary, I felt that I was encountered equally with respect. The assessment was an interesting experience.”

“Personnel assessment was a good experience even though I was not selected for the job position. I recognized myself well from the personnel assessment report. In fact, the report was empowering, and I have already read it through several times. I feel privileged that so much time has been spent on reflecting on me and supporting my development.”

“There was a positive and safe atmosphere in the personnel assessment, where I didn´t feel scrutinized or judged. I think that allowed me to be able to be myself in the assessment situation and reflect on myself openly. For the most part, I recognized myself from the assessment report, but few points got me thinking. However, the sparring discussion helped me to understand those points as well. “

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