Our coachings, based in knowledge of occupational psychology, help strengthen the team members´ self-knowledge, utilize the diverse strengths of the team, and develop the team functionality.


The role of a manager is often rewarding yet challenging. Especially people new to a leadership role can experience feelings of inadequacy when leading individuals with various personalities, facing difficult personnel management situations, and experiencing contradicting expectations from different levels of the organization.

Leadership is done through your own persona and therefore one of the most important tools in leadership is self-knowledge. Throughout research, the ability of self-reflection is portrayed as the predetermining factor of success in leadership – a self-aware individual can take advantage of their own strengths and pay attention to areas that come less naturally to them. A self-aware manager that can cope in their work can also understand different personalities and adjust their own natural ways of working when leading individuals with varying characters.

Coaching for managers
Team coachings

team coaching

In our coachings, we utilize popular and extensively studied Workplace Big Five personality inventory. Team coaching provides information about team’s different personality traits and their affect in work.

Based on the feedback we have received, team coaching increases the mutual understanding of the team members and helps building a confidential and open atmosphere. 

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